Please remember to be thankful for the things that people do for you. From the small things like packing your lunch or serving you a burger, to much larger things like preserving your freedoms. It is Memorial Day after all. A day to remember those brave women and men who have fought and died so we can do pretty meaningless things like amass small armies of plastic figures. And while our hobby may not hold a lot of significance in the long run, the things people do to make our lives better should never be taken for granted. So the next time somebody does something for you, don’t just passably throw a thanks their way, take a second, engage them and give them a meaningful THANK YOU.

After having to edit this beast, I am truly thankful for all the work Vern does. Our apologies for taking almost two months to release it, but hopefully you’ll find the wait worthwhile. We have a very special guest. Not to mention we’re almost twice the length of a standard cast. So take frequent breaks and be thankful, you never know when the next one will be posted. Spoiler, it’s already been recorded. Another spoiler, Celebration was last month. Yeah, that happened again. There was a lot of news, but perhaps the most exciting was the return of the second most beloved line in Star Wars history in 2018. In another throwback, Takara kills it by revisiting Targetmasters. The vintage nostalgia continues with Super7’s new vintage-era MOTU sculpts. Unfortunately there is no reverence for Joe as Hasbro looks to reboot the movie franchise again. Remember to be thankful for what you’ve got.

You’re welcome…Slick

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