Well, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we should be back to a more regular schedule after this episode. The bad news is that’s because I was laid off last week. Yup, after ten years with my company we simply didn’t have enough work to sustain my entire team. It’s partly my fault. I introduced innovations to our product that literally reduced our requests by 75% in the last year. In the end, it becomes a numbers game, unfortunately. However, that has nothing to do with our title. The title refers to the fact that even in this circumstance, I still can’t seem to stop buying toys. I know I need to, but a great deal on Prime Day (Amazon, not Optimus) still made me order something I didn’t really need. What kind of insanity is that?

You know what is really crazy? This Shiva Force Box Set from Skybound. Is it infringement? Is it an homage? Either way, it will be mine even in my current state of employment. Another couple of exclusives that will test my level of sanity and the definition of infringement are the Four Horsemen’s Power-Con exclusives. Luckily, there’s one major release that everyone is crazy about that holds no interest for me and that’s Takara’s MP Sunstreaker. No matter your economic situation, theft should never be an option. Especially this kind of theft.

Don’t you know I’m loco…Slick

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