In this episode, we learn that I got laid off last month. Now while for a lot of reasons, this isn’t the worst thing that could happen. However, it still is a little hit to my ego and starts a whole concern about money thing. It’s slowed the toy buying thing, but not completely. I have picked up some super hard to find figures at retail. In doing so, I use every discount, sale and coupon I can. I do this with everything I buy, groceries, commodities, tech, etc. Sometimes literally saving only pennies over a different option. This last weekend was Mrs. McFavorite’s birthday and this weekend is Lil’ Miss McFavorite’s. To say we spend a little money on these activities is an understatement. Now we’re not jet setting off to the Keys or Cancun, but we are just less concerned about money. Usually, that is. Being unemployed makes it a little harder, but I was trying my best. So what happens on the last night of the Mrs.’ birthday weekend, I accidentally leave my 3.5 month old iPhone on the train. By the time we got home, whoever took it had powered it off. The telltale action of someone going to profit from your lost phone is powering it off so it can’t be tracked. Why would did I specifically put .5? We always keep insurance for three months on our new phones. Guess what I canceled a couple of weeks ago? Yup. It’s just a kick in the balls and not the kind where you’re like “come on, do it!” (I have a friend that does this, believe it or not), but it’s the kind where you’re in the fetal position pleading “please don’t”. It’s just killing me that I spend hours on a regular basis to save pennies on the dollar and in 15 seconds I lose $600.

Feel like joining me in throwing away hundreds of dollars? Check out the “Super Fan” experiences for Hascon coming up in less than a month. Other things that would have cost you hundreds of dollars are these amazing test shots of canceled Joe figures. They had to be snow-themed, tear. Something that adds a little value, but still brings a tear to my eye for what they could have been are the gorgeous faux mini-comic covers accompanying the new Ultimates. Lastly, probably the best way to use hundreds of dollars is going to be visiting Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. This looks like it is going to be amazing!

Don’t sweat the small stuff…Slick

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