So this was supposed to be up about a week ago, but in retrospect I’m glad it wasn’t. Why? Simply because what I witnessed this weekend was perhaps the greatest proof of why this so important. We have been meaning to start / promote our new Open Your Toys Group. The Realm of Collectors (ROC) and Shattered Cast Uncut (SCU), literally killed it at TFCon. There were like over 50 members in attendance. It was such a feeling of family, not that I was necessarily a big part of that, but I did get to witness it firsthand. I really want that for OYTC. First Swage and now AAA is getting a lot of reach on their Facebook posts. Whether you like it not, Facebook is really becoming the adult collector’s social network of choice. With that said, please join the group and start participating. I would love to see our family grow to the kind of community, ROC and SCU have fostered.

Hascon is definitely cultivating a new community. It will be interesting to see how they follow up what could be considered a very successful first run at the con biz. The Star Wars community has spoken (or maybe just Kathleen and Lucasfilm) and Abrams is back for the conclusion of the sequel trilogy. Oh hey, Masters fans, remember bitching about the price hikes on MOTUC? How do you like the now consistent $35 dollar price tag? Yeah, I don’t like it either. Just think if we could have been a kinder more gentle community in the first place. With no new product next year for a crazy big community like G.I. Joe, is Marauder John’s stuff our future? Time will only tell.

Remember, that’s what it’s all about and I ain’t talking about the Hokey Pokey…Slick

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