Every year about this time I really regret not doing something more elaborate for Halloween. More elaborate decorations, more elaborate costume, just a more elaborate Halloween in general. After all, it is my second favorite time of year. For my first favorite, Christmas, I go crazy. Mrs. McFavorite loves Halloween too. It’s probably her favorite time of year. However, just like being on time, I think my apathy just has finally ground her down. We have done a family costume in the past. So that took at least some coordination and creativity. This year, we let Lil’ Miss McFavorite pick her own costume, the cutest little witch you’ve ever seen. So that meant the Mrs. and I were on our own. She rehashed one of her sexier costumes. Me, I did the whole t-shirt and beanie costume thing. Every year, as soon as we hit that first party, I regret my decision to do the laziest, albeit most comfortable costume possible. By that time it is too late to do anything really creative, at least while remaining affordable. Maybe one of these years I will remember that most important history lesson.

Speaking of Halloween decorations, I think this “life-size” Skeletor is possibly my favorite yet, with that ridiculous 9 foot T-Rex skeleton a close second. Something I do have a little history with is God Fire Convoy. Granted it was the American version, but this is not a good toy and at almost $300, please know your history. Do you want to do an homage? This year’s exclusive Cobra Missile Command Center killed it in my opinion. Find out about all the love that went into this thing. Lastly, while I really enjoyed The Force Awakens, I feel the fanboys’ concern of it being a little too similar to A New Hope. Now with The Last Jedi looking to be a return to the “Dark Side”, critics are all jumping on the possibility of it mirroring the Empire Strikes Back. All though still my favorite, I for one hope we see this trilogy blaze its own path and not repeat history, even if it is a beloved, successful history.

Remember, remember, the 31st of October…Slick

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