Today I get to watch two of the oldest quarterbacks (2nd and 3rd) to play in a playoff game go head to head. It has the possibility of being one of the best playoff games of the year. It’s even better because I’ve been following one of them for 14 years and the other I’ve been hearing about for even longer. We don’t talk much sportsball on the show, but I’ve been a Saints fan for over 30 years. Our 41-year-old quarterback, Drew Brees, will probably retire after this season. So, this may be our last real shot at the big dance, at least for a few years. Having just turned 45 myself, I feel as young as ever, mentally at least. Now I rock the dad bod XL, but I definitely don’t feel like I’m old. However, if you ask my daughter and probably anyone under 30 they would disagree.

Speaking of old, as we’ve been seeing for a few years now, what was old is new again. This time around is no different. MOTU’s throwback Origins line just released to all stores and announced a ridiculous amount of news and pre-orders. We get a few more coded listings for a wave 4 of the “retro” Joe line, including at least one trooper. While not necessarily vintage for me, for someone just ten years younger this might be their Transformers. We get a great look at a concepts document for Beast Wars McDonalds premiums from 1995. While Star Wars has seen its fair share of vintage homages, none this time around, so here’s a Centurion project.

The other side of the hill is just fine with me…Slick

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