Hey, hey, hey, it’s con season and we got some reporting to do, and we are going to talk about a panel or two. You’ll have some fun now with me and the Mrs. here. Learning about StarFest while we drink some beer. Na, na, na, we had a good time. Na, na, na, your gonna have a good time!

It’s been awhile since I busted out the lyrics, but I thought it was fitting for the occasion. That’s right, we’re back with a recap of our favorite local convention, Starland ‘s StarFest 2013. As usual we had a blast. Due to the generosity of Dave, John and the rest of the Media crew, Mrs. McFavorite and I were able to attend all three days with Press credentials. This was the first time in the six years we were fortunate enough to attend more than one day. This really allowed us to absorb the full experience. From the opening of the dealer room on Friday, to the keynote panel Saturday evening, to Mrs. McFavorite’s annual massage, this year well earned and timed as it was the last we did before bidding 2013’s StarFest adieu.

2013 seemed to be the year of the cosplayer. While StarFest has always had the highest ratio of costume enthusiasts to attendees we see all year, this year’s show was inundated with characters, literally. As usual, these brave souls dominate our photographic coverage of the show . If you missed it, here’s last year’s pics as well. The creativity of people is really at the heart of the con. As with past years we visited all of our favorite exhibits at the con, including the Art Show and Model Show. The best thing is you can vote for your favorite entry for the coveted Best of Show award. While we love art, we don’t tend to purchase any. However, we did buy some of these amazing pop culture posters . While not necessarily up our alley, this artist also blew us away we her talent, especially in relation to her age. At only 15, she has already won a ton of awards and is working professionally as a concept artist. As you can imagine, this is only a small taste of what this convention has to offer. Best thing yet? They have already announced the dates for next year’s show. So mark your calendars for May 2nd through the 4th of 2014. We hope to see you all there.

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Let the cons begin…Slick