Fuckers fuckers fuckers! Yeah, that’s right, you heard me. I don’t even like using profanity when I write, but in this instance, it serves two purposes. The first goes along with what I was saying in my last post. The sense of community was insane at TFCon and just like Stifler’s little brother we were ready to party. Like him, we thought we would just be accepted into a close-knit group of friends. Finally, similar to him we quickly got a dose of reality when even though we knew a few people, it was painfully obvious that we weren’t part of the in-crowd. That brings us to our second purpose. I really wanted to get your attention so you would understand what a FUCKING AMAZING trip it was. I mean, god damn. I had the time of my life. Similar to the prolonged time I got to spend with Bruce, Brad, Michael and all my other extended family I have shared cons with. If you’ve never done it, put it on that bucket list. It doesn’t have to be a whole week of imposing like I did with Vern, but just a few days of sharing meals, laughs and life.

While there were not many new reveals, seeing the most 3rd party stuff I’d ever seen in one place, really got my juices going. Vern’s too, but that’s something for the next episode. Here are some things that are now on my bucket list after TFCon. First is FaaaaansToooooys Terminus Giganticus. That is a MP-scaled Grimlock coming up to his knee, HIS KNEE. At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have the cutest Bruticus you have ever seen. Iron Factory killed it with that one. I’m kinda like Bobby Skullface when it comes to Tetra Jets, something about the first episode’s designs just does it for me. Even Soundwave’s goofy lamp post alt-mode. So it’s nice to see someone else focusing on that aesthetic. Last, but certainly not least, is this Ultimetal Ultra Magnus. This behemoth is almost indescribable, except Lotus does an amazing job of it in his almost one hour review of this collection centrepiece.

Til all are one fuckers…Slick

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